Knowing the Difference Between Sativa and Indica

Did you know that more than 50 million adults smoke cannabis daily? Additionally, millions of consumers still do not understand the difference between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. Let’s take a look at understanding the unique types of cannabis.

Exploring the History of Cannabis Sativa

The most commonly recognized type of Cannabis is known as Cannabis Sativa. The Cannabis Sativa species is a native of Asia, being identified as Sativa in the early 1700s. According to historians, Cannabis Sativa has been used since 2000 B.C. in medicines and tinctures. Cannabis Sativa is typically converted into industrial hemp. 

The Look & Feel of Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa plants grow tall and lean in stature with small leaves. The leaves that stem from the Cannabis Sativa plant are the most recognizable. Upon consumption, Cannabis Sativa is known for its ‘head high’ effects. This is likely due to the number of terpenes known as Limonene found in most Sativa strains. Limonene is a terpene that has been praised for its cerebral and uplifting effects. Head high refers to the euphoric, creative, and overall cerebral effects caused by Sativa strains. 

Finding Cannabis Sativa

There are hundreds of Cannabis Sativa strains grown daily. Some strains of Cannabis Sativa include:

● Sweetie

● Lemon Cake

● Blue Dream

● Orange Cookies

Examining Cannabis Indica

The other type of cannabis that is often the topic of discussion and Sativa is known as Cannabis Indica. This type of cannabis is a species native to Middle East countries. Moreover, Cannabis Indica strains get most of their unique monikers from their geographical origin, such as the Hindu Kush Mountains.

Identifying Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica often grows in a bushy and stout fashion. This species of cannabis often grows with a broadleaf pattern, unCannabis Sativa. Additionally, most Cannabis Indica strains can produce purple fluorescent buds depending on their accustomed to growing in. Colloquially, strains derived from the Cannabis Indica species are known as ‘in-di-couch.’ This is thanks to Cannabis Inability to provide an ultra-relaxing and sometimes heavy body high. This is due to the abundant amount of myrcene terpenes found in the species. 

Just like Cannabis Sativa, there are countless Cannabis Indica strains. Some common known Cannabis Indica strains include 

● 33 Bananas

● Scoop

● Wedding Cake

● Rainbow Kush

● Ice Cream Cake

How About Hybrids?

Hybrid strains of cannabis are virtually self-explanatory. These are strains that embody qualities from both Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Hybrid strains of cannabis can take on specific physical attributes of one species while obtaining the genetics and effects of an alternative strain of cannabis. This means hybrid strains of cannabis can grow tall and slender like Cannabis Sativa or short and stout like Cannabis Indica. 

The origins of hybrids are unknown. However, some researchers believe that the cannabis prohibition of the late 1800s across the globe played a significant role in the massive spike in hybrid strains of cannabis. Hybrid strains of cannabis can provide cerebral effects as well as body effects.

Hybrid Strains of Cannabis 

Again, there is a multitude of cannabis around the world. Hybrid strains of cannabis are no different. Some popular hybrid strains of cannabis include:

● Runtz

● Gelato #41

● Animal Mintz

● Banana Macaroons

● Guava

Which Type of Cannabis is Right for Me?

Now that you understand the fundamentals of cannabis let’s answer the universal question: ‘which type of cannabis is right for me?’ The answer is not as complex as it may appear. It comes down to what the consumer is looking to get out of the cannabis. Cannabis Sativa strains are usually consumed during the day thanks to their ability to provide energizing and creative effects. Conversely, Cannabis Indica provides pain-relieving, sometimes sedative effects most consumers enjoy during the evening. Be sure to check out our extensive menu of Cannabis Indica, Sativa, and hybrids here!

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